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by Bill
Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:07 am
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Topic: Super Summary SF & F Guide
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Super Summary SF & F Guide

I received an unsolicited email recommending the SF & F Guide at Super Summary, a writing website.

It looks rather basic and commercial to my eye, but there is a lot of material and someone put a lot of effort into it. Perhaps someone will find it more useful than I.
by Bill
Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:49 pm
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Topic: Forum Rules
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Forum Rules

1. Contact me to register. Self-registration has been deactivated: we received so much spam registration, that my mail server got black-listed for sending the registration response emails. Contact me and I'll register you. My email is bill at 2. The original author retains ...
by Bill
Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:05 pm
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Topic: List of Online SF & F Magazines
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List of Online SF & F Magazines

This list is far from exhaustive and in no particular order. These are just the one's I found easily in the order I found them. In fact, the last in the list, Ansible, has more extensive resource lists right on their front page. I did not include the large number of magazines that were out-of-date (...
by Bill
Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:25 am
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Topic: Writing Excuses Podcasts
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Writing Excuses Podcasts

Writing Excuses is an ongoing series of short podcasts by a group of published authors on the subject of writing. The tagline is "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart." I highly recommend listening to them whenever you have the time. The authors are: Brandon San...